segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Pumpkin World : Abóboras

What the fuck is that title, i bet you're asking yourselves . Well, i'm sure. And i am here to clarify you. Pumpkin for me is :
-Someone successful
-Someone confindent
-Someone strong
-Someone human (kind of an athetesis right?)

Most of all is someone FUN! And thats what this blog is about : expression and enjoying your life. for EVERY budget and lifestyle. There is no need for labels, thats why you can call this blog The Pumpkin World. And all of you my (future gentle readers) will be the little pumpkins. ATTENTION : Please do not mix up with Lady Gaga's Litle Monsters...although some of us might also belong to that (weird in a positive way) one. 

Now go live your (precious) life, Litle Pumpkins. 

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