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Breathless Views : Paris

Pumpkins, i would like to share with all of you some of my favorite views from places that i've experienced. The first post will be about Paris and the object of the this scenery will be the Eiffel Tower. From my opinion, this particular place in Paris gives you a complete and breathless view of one of the most famous monuments in the world. The place (which is also a monument) is called TROCADERO.

According to the wikipedia : "The Place de Trocadéro owes its name to the fortified position in Puerto Real, on the Bay of Cadiz in the south of Spain, which was captured in the Battle of Trocadero by French troops led by Louis-Antoine, Duke of AngoulêmeCharles X's son in 1823. This name was also given to the "Moorish" palace built for the World Fair of 1878. The palace was demolished in 1937 and was replaced by the current Palace of Chaillot." Anyway, i will not go too far on the Trocadero itself, because this post is about the VIEW.

The view is even more dramatic if you come from the metro station or from the sides, because you will not see it until you enter the monument. 

In order for you to experience this magnificent view, all you need when visiting Paris is to take the metro and leave in the station called Trocadero (line 6 and 9)!! 

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