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Britney Spears performed last night in Lisbon : Review

Pumpkins, last night Britney performed in Lisbon and has i had suspected, most of the things i had heard were, indeed, true. But lets start with the beginning. 
Destinee &Paris (two blonde sisters, that appeared on Laurieann Gibson's reality show Dance Scene with a control-freak mom) opened the show. They were energetic and have good voices, although they "scream" a bit too much and their music sounds kind of outdated. However, they seem to have potential.

Destinee & Paris

Thirty minutes after the girls performed, Britney entered the stage, after a very well produced pre-film that will serve as the guideline for all the show. Everyone in the room ( which btw was at all full), cheered and screamed for the popstar, even though she seemed a bit slow with her moves and attitude.
Anyway, has i expected, the stage, the production, the special effects and the dancers, were FLAWLESS. Its definitely a multi-million dollar production. The issue was BRITNEY. She is indeed a bit fatter, though not that much, she can't dance ( she only waves her arms and body), she seems mechanic and don't interact much with the public, and she only sings (and i'm being optimist) 2/3 songs live : Lace and Leather, Don't let me be the last to know and small parts of Toxic. I mean, nobody expected her to sing live, but Britney at least DANCE! Furthermore, she was quite cold with her don't-get-too-close fans on the stage. Also, a friend of mine that works in the production - and this is not unexpected - told me that when she is passing in a corridor backstage, no one can be there. Oh Britney...

However, even with all of this i had FUN! I was with my friends, the songs are cool, the show is energetic (although she isn't) and she still had some high moments where a spark of the old Britney arose: I wanna go (the crowd danced and jumped as hell!), S&M (everyone went crazy with this Rihanna-Britney remix, i can only imagine when Rihanna sings it) and T'ill the world ends ( best moment of the night). 
Overall, it was a nice night but folks, she is not what she used to be.

Hope you Pumpkins had fun when she performed, otherwise it was a waste of money. And that sucks Pumpkins!!

It was Britney, Bitches, but she did not impress.

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