segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Adele's Success

Pumpkins, i love Adele and her music. She is a smart, funny and non-conventional singer. She says whatever's on her mind and, at such a young age, she stands by her beliefs. On the other hand, Adele has such an amazing talent, not only to compose beautiful songs but also interpret them ( also thanks to her powerful vocals) . 

The singer is nominated for several Grammys and many magazines and websites like Rolling Stone ( and Billboard (  have awarded her not only with the best album of the year ("21") but also song of the year ( " rolling in the deep").  Well, she deserves it! It was definitely her year, and the album is indeed amazing! However, i think i might have another explanation for Adele's success...

In a pop world, filled with Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Kesha and many more, Adele was refreshing! Her songs are still catchy and easy to listen, but they run from cliché ballads that sometimes popstars tend to have - although the cited above try to run from those stereotypes. Adele's music is not computer based, its basically her voice and great lyrics. Adele's music is timeless, and she took by storm music charts, magazines, our radios and iPods. Thank you Adele, for reminding the world, what great pop music is all about.

sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures

Pumpkins, the pictures Lindsay did for Playboy have leaked and have been a great success over the internet! And i get that! Well, although i think she looks good and glamorous, there is a LOT of photoshop and she seems older...on the other hand the Marilyn Monroe concept...again Lindsay?? Anyway check for yourselves, you naughty Pumpkins! ahahah

What do you think about the revealing pictures, pumpkins?

terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

Fierce Christmas ideas!

{EAV:70f502beeee23a53} Pumpkins, as i was writing the Beyoncé's christmas post i thought i about doing another one about fierce christmas ideas! Check some bellow, in order for you to start feeling the christmas spirit in a FIERCE way.
Victoria's Secret Christmas Campaign - directed by Michael Bay

Christian Louboutin Calendar

Chanel gift paper

Christmas lobby decoration, Ritz London

Michael Bublé  brand new Christmas album

And for those who don't like the cold...

Beyoncé should release a christmas album!

Pumpkins, don't you think Beyoncé should release a christmas album?? she has an amazing voice and it would definitely make our christmas more fierce. Moreover, she is pregnant so i bet she's very inspired!
What do you pumpkins think? should we star a campaign for next year??

P.S. She already sang christmas songs when she was part of Destiny's Child, so why not Bey??
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