quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

Lady Gaga's Marry the Night : Prelude Pathéthique

Pumpkins, apparently Gaga just released an 1min and 47 seconds prelude of the prelude (will will have 7 mins) of the Marry the Night music video.  This final video will be Lady Gaga's longest music video ever. Wow...what can we expect?? well, from the looks of this prelude of the prelude its certainly going to be about the fantasy & reality relationship, which Gaga loves so much to portrait. One can expect great fashion designers ( as always), freak clothes ( or shall we say edgy?), amazing music (love the song) and entertainment ( as she is the current master in doing it).
Check bellow the prelude of the prelude:

What are your expectations Pumpkins and Little Monsters?

quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

Breathless Views : Paris

Pumpkins, i would like to share with all of you some of my favorite views from places that i've experienced. The first post will be about Paris and the object of the this scenery will be the Eiffel Tower. From my opinion, this particular place in Paris gives you a complete and breathless view of one of the most famous monuments in the world. The place (which is also a monument) is called TROCADERO.

According to the wikipedia : "The Place de Trocadéro owes its name to the fortified position in Puerto Real, on the Bay of Cadiz in the south of Spain, which was captured in the Battle of Trocadero by French troops led by Louis-Antoine, Duke of AngoulêmeCharles X's son in 1823. This name was also given to the "Moorish" palace built for the World Fair of 1878. The palace was demolished in 1937 and was replaced by the current Palace of Chaillot." Anyway, i will not go too far on the Trocadero itself, because this post is about the VIEW.

The view is even more dramatic if you come from the metro station or from the sides, because you will not see it until you enter the monument. 

In order for you to experience this magnificent view, all you need when visiting Paris is to take the metro and leave in the station called Trocadero (line 6 and 9)!! 

I don't want to be a gossip blog(gger).

Pumpkins, i don't want to be a gossip blogger. Although i might have made posts about celebrities, and i loved making them, what i really want is to add something to the world and not just commenting about the stars. Therefore, i will always review the shows that i attend, as well as major news, but the focus of the Pumpkin World will not be gossiping about the Kim's and Britney's of this world.

Culture, cinema, fashion, good ideas, art, places and other random themes will be my focus. Pop culture will be observed and analyzed, but not through the eyes of the tabloidsPumpkins are not shallow or superficial.

Bellow are some cartoons that i found about the tabloids! Have fun Pumpkins !

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Pumpkin Car : Range Rover Evoque

Pumpkins, the new Range Rover Evoque is just beautiful! Well, beautiful is not the right word..its stylish, cool, modern, young and still a Range Rover. I just love this car!
Watch it for yourselves :

Check also, a video where the car was tested for more details:

There are two main versions : coupé ( which i love) and the normal one. The price for the Evoque starts at 42.779 euros.

Lazy Sunday

Pumpkins, Sundays can be so nice, as well as boring as hell! I usually love to spend the day on the couch or having coffee with my friends in a cozy place. Sometimes i fell like walking near the river...it calms me down. But i almost always feel guilty for not doing nothing special! Lets just say the human being is never satisfied :S
Bellow are some (general) ideas for how to spend your lazy sundays.

Rain outside Starbucks

sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

Beyoncé's Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 trailer

Pumpkins, our pregnant Beyoncé is releasing a new live DVD from the 4 concerts she gave back in August in New York @Roseland. From the looks of the trailer, we can expect a lot of personal home videos and an (as always) epic performance! The 2 DVD collector's item will be available on the 29th of November. Check out the AMAZING trailer:

Have you heard Rihanna's 2nd single from Talk That Talk?

Pumpkins, Rihanna is releasing a new album called Talk That Talk on 21.11.11. I personally loved the 1st single We Found Love, but with this one Rihanna is giving us a more reggae vibe, which according to the singer will be a strong influence in the new album. Check the new single bellow, called "You Da One".

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

Britney Spears performed last night in Lisbon : Review

Pumpkins, last night Britney performed in Lisbon and has i had suspected, most of the things i had heard were, indeed, true. But lets start with the beginning. 
Destinee &Paris (two blonde sisters, that appeared on Laurieann Gibson's reality show Dance Scene with a control-freak mom) opened the show. They were energetic and have good voices, although they "scream" a bit too much and their music sounds kind of outdated. However, they seem to have potential.

Destinee & Paris

Thirty minutes after the girls performed, Britney entered the stage, after a very well produced pre-film that will serve as the guideline for all the show. Everyone in the room ( which btw was at all full), cheered and screamed for the popstar, even though she seemed a bit slow with her moves and attitude.
Anyway, has i expected, the stage, the production, the special effects and the dancers, were FLAWLESS. Its definitely a multi-million dollar production. The issue was BRITNEY. She is indeed a bit fatter, though not that much, she can't dance ( she only waves her arms and body), she seems mechanic and don't interact much with the public, and she only sings (and i'm being optimist) 2/3 songs live : Lace and Leather, Don't let me be the last to know and small parts of Toxic. I mean, nobody expected her to sing live, but Britney at least DANCE! Furthermore, she was quite cold with her don't-get-too-close fans on the stage. Also, a friend of mine that works in the production - and this is not unexpected - told me that when she is passing in a corridor backstage, no one can be there. Oh Britney...

However, even with all of this i had FUN! I was with my friends, the songs are cool, the show is energetic (although she isn't) and she still had some high moments where a spark of the old Britney arose: I wanna go (the crowd danced and jumped as hell!), S&M (everyone went crazy with this Rihanna-Britney remix, i can only imagine when Rihanna sings it) and T'ill the world ends ( best moment of the night). 
Overall, it was a nice night but folks, she is not what she used to be.

Hope you Pumpkins had fun when she performed, otherwise it was a waste of money. And that sucks Pumpkins!!

It was Britney, Bitches, but she did not impress.

quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

Britney Spears is performing tonight in Lisbon

Pumpkins, Britney will be closing her Femme Fatale tour tonight in Lisbon, and i will be there to report you later everything. I heard that she is a bit fatter, that she will only sing 40% of the songs live ( in the Circus tour it was 0%), and that not only now song will be performed entirely. On the other hand, the stage is magnificent and i'm sure the production will be flawless. Lets see. I'm also excited to see if she can or not dance like the old times...i'm not sure. Anyway, i will tell you EVERYTHING tomorrow.

Here it is a preview from the show's opening number Hold It Against Me:

See you there pumpkins!

terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

My week with Marilyn

Pumpkins, i cannot wait to see this movie! Michelle Williams looks so much like the late actress that its scary! The based on a true story movie is directed by Simon Curtis, and centers around the experience of a  production assistant that followed Marilyn Monroe around when she was filming The Prince and the Show Girl in 1957. I'm sure this movie will land Michelle (at least) an Oscar nomination!
The movie is set to premiere on the 5h of January in Portugal.

The trailer:

The beautiful posters:

Are u Pumpkins excited to see the movie??

Marc Jacobs just landed a movie role

Pumpkins, i don't know if this is good or bad news for you. I am quite uncertain as well. 
Is Marc Jabocs an actor? Apparently the genious designer will be portraying someone very different from himself in the movie "The Disconnected", which according to IMDB  is a "drama centered on a group of people searching for human connections in today's wired world". The film will be directed by Henry Alex Rubin and is set to premiere in 2012. I read that there still decisions to be made about Jacobs' part...we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.


segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Scarlett Johansson's The One Dolce&Gabana Commercial

The hot (oh so hot) Scarlett Johansson did another commercial for the Dolce&Gabanna perfume The One. And i will not say anything else than...perfection.
Watch for yourself :

Still not convinced? Look at the photo ad:

Enjoy Little Pumpkins, and don't be afraid of watching the video on repeat (although that sounds quite creepy).

Famous Pumpkins : Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is passing through a "tough" and very public divorce, but the Pumpkin World will not be one more blog that talks about it.
Anyway, whats important is that our friend Kim is also a member of The Pumpkin World : she is confident, successful and an "open-book" ( well, she has at least a reality show). Furthermore, she is hot and curvy ( we love curvy bootylicious women don't we?). You're still not convinced? check bellow!

Here it is! Kim holding a Pumpkin next to her birkin bag. Thanks for all the devotion Kimmy!

P.S. Are you still gonna say you didn't make ANY money from your wedding? Thats what i thought.

Online Shopping : 70% off on TopMan

Pumpkins, i love online shopping. Its simple, convenient and you can really find amazing things. But if you're like me, you will only buy if the products are different or a great deal from what you have in your city. Therefore, have you checked the Topman website? They are doing a 70% off deal on many items! there are great promotions! However, the delivery to Portugal costs 5 pounds but its worth it!

Check it here:https://www.topman.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CatalogNavigationSearchResultCmd?catalogId=33056&storeId=12555&langId=-1&viewAllFlag=false&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=234016&parent_categoryId=207144&beginIndex=1&pageSize=20&INTCMPID=INT_HOMEPAGE_BUT_2

One secret: add this coupon code (123456789123456789) on the students discount and you will get 10% off!

Here is an example of a cool item at a very, very attractive price :

Price : 1 pound. Yes, 1 pound. 

Also, if you are a fan of tank tops and basics, there are hundreds in different colors and patterns at prices that start at 4 pounds.

Enjoy little pumpkins but don't spend too much!!

Is Beyoncé pregnant with a frisbee?

In case you didn't know, Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant. Or isn't she? Well you should check yourself by watching this highlarious clip from the Wendy Williams Show, where  Wendy discusses on the Hot Topics part beyoncé's possible fake pregnancy! I specially love the conspiracy theories! You must watch!!
I will also post a photo of a very pregnant beyoncé  sitting on a coach....just look at her "belly"!

And the photo "Is she pregnant with a frisbee?"

P.S. I am a huge fan of Beyoncé, but this just sounds too silly (and shady).

Did you see Irina Shayk (aka Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend) deliver an award to Gaga at the MTV EMA 2011?

Well yes it was her! I have to say to you : You made it Irina. Not only you're dating one of the top football players in the world and most profitable ones, you are now presenting awards in the MTV Europe Music Awards alongside Leonardo Dicaprio's ex Bar Rafaeli. Wait....and as mentioned by Lady Gaga " I can keep the top models", you are now considered a TOP MODEL. Congrats sweetie.

Irina & Bar Rafaeli

With Lady Gaga "on her knees"

On the red carpet (hot btw)

P.S. Doesn't she look so much like the brazilian Adriana Lima?

I am not a big fan of Bling Bling.

The LV Pumkin

The Channel Pumpkin
I am not a fan of bling bling. I enjoy wearing brands, but when it comes to showing them around...hum not my style. It reminds me of the 90's when Dolce and Gabanna, Versace and many more were invading the streets with their logos. And that was not a good time in fashion wise. In the memory of those ( thank god) finished times, i am posting 2 cute bling bling pumpkins, that might also be the vegetable versions of many other people out there. Bitch.

Which one do you like the most?

Enjoy your life, Little pumpkins!

Pumpkin World : Abóboras

What the fuck is that title, i bet you're asking yourselves . Well, i'm sure. And i am here to clarify you. Pumpkin for me is :
-Someone successful
-Someone confindent
-Someone strong
-Someone human (kind of an athetesis right?)

Most of all is someone FUN! And thats what this blog is about : expression and enjoying your life. for EVERY budget and lifestyle. There is no need for labels, thats why you can call this blog The Pumpkin World. And all of you my (future gentle readers) will be the little pumpkins. ATTENTION : Please do not mix up with Lady Gaga's Litle Monsters...although some of us might also belong to that (weird in a positive way) one. 

Now go live your (precious) life, Litle Pumpkins. 

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